Friday, October 24, 2008

Had To Share...

I got my stitches out of my ankle today (I have pictures but they are EWWW). It was the first time I had seen my ankle, and the sight of the stitches on both sides was a little nerve wracking. I admit it almost had me to the point of a panic attack. But I now have it in a regular cast, and wanted to share the pic of my X-Ray. Looks like a cartoon!

The doctor did tell me it was a very serious injury, that the break was so bad it tore all the ligaments away from the ankle bones. As you can see, it took a lot to repair.

More blogging this weekend!

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Michele said...

OUCH! I've broken quite a few bones and it isn't comfy. I hope you continue to heal! Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. You guys are in my prayers!