Sunday, October 26, 2008

Angel Mommy Blog Award...

Introducing....The Angel Mommy Blog Award! I've been thinking about this for quite awhile, and I wanted to start an award I would give to all the angel mom's I've met while blogging. I want to share my respect and love for all of us who have lost a child. So here we go!

If you have recieved the Angel Mommy Blog Award I ask the following things -

1. Please place the award in a new blog, or on your blog. But please include the link back to this post as well so everyone can read what this is about! (Link included at the bottom, or ask me how!)

2. Pass this award on to other angel mom's you know, or that you frequent their blog, or new angel mom's who would like to talk to other's who know their pain.

3. Please comment this post so I can see your blog post, or your page! As more people comment, you can also connect with other angel mom's. Tell us about your child if you choose to, so other angel mom's in your same experience can connect with your blog!

Don't Tell Me

Please don't tell me you know how I feel,
Unless you have lost your child too,
Please don't tell me my broken heart will heal,
Because that is just not true,
Please don't tell me my son is in a better place,
Though it is true, I want him here with me,
Don't tell me someday I'll hear his voice, see his face,
Beyond today I cannot see,
Don't tell me it is time to move on,
Because I cannot,
Don't tell me to face the fact he is gone,
Because denial is something I can't stop,
Don't tell me to be thankful for the time I had,
Because I wanted more,
Don't tell me when I am my old self you will be glad,
I'll never be as I was before,
What you can tell me is you will be here for me,
That you will listen when I talk of my child,
You can share with me my precious memories,
You can even cry with me for a while,
And please don't hesitate to say his name,
Because it is something I long to hear everyday,
Friend please realize that I can never be the same,
But if you stand by me, you may like the new person I become someday.


Niki said...

Thank you Nikki! I posted the award on my blog and linked it back to your blog. ((HUGS))

Cara said...

What a sweet surpise to arrive home award! Nikki - I really appreciate the gesture even though we have walked through hell and back to get here.


PS - I'm still working on all the technical stuff..but I'll give it a try!

Michele said...

Thanks Nikki! I will post this on my blog. :-) I love your poem. It sums out exactly how I feel.

Cara said...

Nikki - Ok. I tried..really I did but I couldn't get the image on my blog.

Could you please email me, and help me figure this out!


Heather said...

Thanks for starting this. I think that's beautiful.

Your Alyssa is just precious- she was about as big as my baby was when she was born. So sweet.

Addysmommy said...

What a wonderful idea! Your angel is so beautiful!

JustMelisAll said...

Thank You very much. Its nice to have something to commemorate my first son. Kai would have been 1 last saturday.

Lauren said...

Thank you so much! I'm sorry it took so long for me to get it up on my site but I'm displaying it proudly!


AmandaHoyt said...

Thank you for passing this award onto my sweet friend, Lauren. She's now given it to me and I'm going to show it proudly on my blog. I'm so sorry for your losses. Your daughters are beautiful.
I know what it's like to walk through the storms of life and it's so good to know that there are others out here that can walk by my side.
Thank you,

Melanie said...

Hi Nikki my name is Melanie and I was given this beautiful award from Amanda (she messaged right on top of this message). I would of never thought of an award like this. I am an angel mommy to one in Heaven whom I named ~Nehemiah~
God bless you and may the Lord give you peace and comfort you thru-out this pregnancy.

jackie said...

Hi niki. I hope you dont mind me following your blog. Your poem is just beautiful!
I lost my baby boy 'douglas' in september this year, he was born at 24 weeks and managed to fight and live for 4 days. im missing him so much. your poem makes so much sense, every word of it describes the way we feel perfectly.
jackie xx