Sunday, October 19, 2008



That's how I feel lately. It really really ummm did I say not being able to walk. I was worried about being put on bed rest the week before the accident and stressed a little about it. But now I feel like I'm on bedrest without the ability to get up and go pee.

Now to a pregnant woman, being able to easily go pee when you want is an extreme issue (atleast I think). Having to get up, get in the wheelchair, wheel to the bathroom, use the walker to get in, and then reverse the process is frustrating! By the way I use the wheelchair because I am terrified that hopping around on that walker all the time is just bouncing this lil boy around. I don't take any risks with the baby.

So after being upset and frustrated that I just can't get up and go pee normally...and I also have to remember to get up in time since the process takes longer! Anyways after frustration comes sadness. I just want to be able to get up and do things. I hate that my wonderful husband has to do everything for me. I feel so guilty asking him to get me things, do something for me, etc. He told me he is my husband, who else would take care of me like this? I know the answer and it's nobody. I try and stay positive and strong for him, he is my strength.

I feel the baby move all the time now. He is an active one! He is now on Alyssa's schedule of waking up at 11Pm every night. I wonder if his angel sister is waking him up at that time to remind mommy they both are here with me? Just something I'd like to think :)

Oh yeah...YAYYYYYY I'm 24 weeks today! To any mother of a child who was born premature you know this is the mark where the doctor's will consider saving your baby if he is born early. Alyssa was born at 22 weeks, the doctors said there was nothing they could do unless she had been 24 weeks. My poor baby was given no chance. But from now on this baby will be given a chance! Let's pray he stays in here for awhile longer though, hopefully till atleast 37 weeks!

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JustMelisAll said...

Congrats on the 24 weeks mark! It feels really good I know. I hit 26 weeks yesterday. Starting to feel like it possible yet?