Monday, November 3, 2008

Alyssa's View...

I just had to share these pictures with everyone. The first is of Alyssa's Halloween Minnie Mouse we had at her grave for the month of October.

The second is the view from Alyssa's grave. It is breathtaking, I love when all the leaves change. It makes me happy her view is so beautiful.

On a sad note, there was another baby buried near her when we went. Since she left us there have been 5 more babies who have joined her. Whenever I see a new baby there the sadness overtakes me. I know how hard it still is for us, but when I think of a new set of parents going through those first weeks and months of horrible pain it makes me want to find them and hug them and cry with them.

Everytime we are going to visit Alyssa I pray on the way there "No new babies God, please no new babies."


banbear2 said...

That is a beautiful view. Alyssa is a beautiful name as well. Of course I am biased since it is the name of my middle niece.

Michele said...

What a gorgeous view! Whenever we go on vacation, I take Nicholas and Sophia with us. I know that they don't live in their little marble box, but I like for them to watch over us in heaven and know that, no matter where we go, their physical presence is with us.