Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nadine's Lawyer Fund...

Dear Friends & Family,

I am sending this message to all the people in our lifes who know us and Nadine. Recently we were served with papers stating that Nadine's biological "mother" in California is trying to get custody of Nadine. She doesn't even know her and has never made a full attempt to be in her life! She is a drug addict and a convicted thief. She has never done anything for Nadine in the form of financial or any other way. We are stuck in a very hard place, a lawyer is going to cost us over $2000, something we cannot just come up with. We are asking everyone to please help in anyway. A donation of $5, $10, anything! Also if you would like to repost this on your MySpace or email it would help us. If we don't have a lawyer by next week, there is a court date in CA and if we don't have a lawyer they will grant her whatever she wants. This means that she would get a court order and could come and take her away from us. Her family has already told us, once she gets Nadine to CA she won't bring her back.

I've set up an online donation page, which also has a more detailed explanation on it. Please pass it on if you like.

To make donations, please go to this page or message me and I will give you my info to mail a check or money order. If you can't make a donation THAT IS FINE! Just please please pray for my baby girl.

It is hard for me to post this. Most people don't even know Nadine isn't my biological daughter. I've never ever wanted her to be treated different if we had other kids, which we are now pregnant as you know. I didn't want anyone to view my relationship with her as "Oh that's not her real mom" because I am her real mom! The only mom she knows.

I also hate asking for money. There are so many scams and chain letters online, and this is not one! I am willing to share and be open with everything to those who do donate. Please help us in any way you can!


Leah said...

You have got to go to the court date and tell them you can't afford an attorney. In California (where I live) there is all kinds of legal aid/legal defenders that you can request, but you're husband must show up at the court date, no ifs ands or buts.

Leah said...

That and most important you need to pray and ask God for help.

Sweet Baby Whispers said...

If we were in CA it would be a lot easier...but since we are residents of another state there is no legal aid here. Believe me I have looked into it!

JustMelisAll said...

My thoughts are with you, have you tried to fax a letter to the judge explaining the situation?