Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First OB Appt...

Just a quick note, today was my first OB appt! I prayed so hard to see the lil heartbeat, and God answered my prayers.

Heartbeat 180. The tech told me "You have a beautiful baby, text book perfect there could be nothing more perfect and healthy about the development."

I am so happy...and so scared. I need to write more. I might change to a different blog since I don't really have devoted readers on this one, I would love more!

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Lauren said...

Glad to hear everything went well! What a strong heartbeat!!

As far as getting more readers, head over to Stirrup Queens (there's a link on my page... it's the really long named one lol). Pick some blogs off the list and start reading and commenting. Comments are great because they link back to your blog. I do the weekly Show and Tell over there too. Great way to get your blog noticed.

Putting a counter on your blog is good too. I didn't realize how many people were actually reading until I did that.

Keep us updated on your little beansie!